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The younger children of the setting have used a variety paints and colours in order to develop their control and motor skills. See below a selection of the children’s artwork, in which they are exploring and expressing themselves through.

This particular piece of artwork demonstrates the child exploring the variety of colours available. It would also appear that the child has attempted to mix the colours of paint in order to satisfy his/her curiosity.

Here the child has learnt from their previous attempts, developing and increasing their control with the hand and the paint.

This child has excellent control and has chosen the powerful colour ‘red’ as a way of making her own personal statement through her work. This child has decided to make her mark in the traditional two hand pose.

Differentiation must always be considered with children of any age. All children are individuals and learn in their own particular way, therefore we as teachers, must meet the child’s individual needs and enable them to progress throughout their learning. The older children in the setting are given the opportunity of free drawing on an everyday basis, so that they can communicate and express themselves through their work.

A variety of colours have been selected here, demonstrating the wide range of colours that can be seen when watching a fireworks display. The child has also understood the concept of the firework exploding, giving off all these beautiful colours.

This child has chosen to draw a picture of a rainbow. The child is fully aware of the arch shape that is created when a rainbow is in sight. Not only has the child considered this aspect of the rainbow but understands that there are many different colours including red, yellow, green etc.


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