Welcome to Bagshot Preschool

Celebrating 48 years providing good foundations for children and their families.

The Pre-school is an accredited group, held in the Methodist Church Hall and is equipped to accommodate 26 children per session.

Contact (weekdays 9am-3pm 07840 178030)

The Pre-school is held in the Methodist Church Hall and is registered from 0900 to 1300 for children aged 2-5 years. The Pre-school has 5 staff fully trained through the Pre-school Learning Alliance up to Level 3 NVQ

Susan Michel Tel: 01276 475395
94 London Road
GU19 5BT
Tel: 01276 475395
Mob: 07840 178030 9AM-1PM
E-mail: susanmichel@btinternet.com

The general aim of the pre-school is to create a happy, secure and stimulating environment where children can be encouraged to develop to their full potential, not only intellectually but socially, physically and emotionally. To work in partnership with parents and provide activities that will promote effective learning, we aim to deliver an exciting, varied and progressive curriculum ensuring practitioner’s support and extend children’s learning and development.  We aim to offer a service that promotes equality and values diversity.

Each child will be allocated a key person who will link with the family to support and plan for the child’s progress within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

If you have any concern around toilet training please advise your key person on you pre-visits. The pre-school has nappy changing facilities. Children will be encouraged to wash hands after using the toilet, blowing their noses, coughing, painting, gluing etc. and before eating and drinking.

Newsletters, information and invoices will be sent via email for those who have requested this form of communication.  All information regarding pre-school matters will be displayed on the notice board and paper copies will be given to those who have no access to the internet.  Please remember to check your emails on a regular basis. Should you make any changes to your email address, contact telephone or emergency numbers,  please remember it is your responsibility to ensure this information is passed on to the pre-school.

Parent’s rota and involvement within the pre-school
Parents and Carers are encouraged to take part on the family rota at least once each half term during a session.  We believe that this involvement is a vital part of your child’s early years.  During the session you will have the opportunity to be part of the team, assisting with activities and refreshment table. Parents are given the opportunity to propose and vote on aspects of the pre-school at the annual meeting.
Parents will be given a parent handbook on the child’s visit days prior to starting pre-school.

Insurance is with Royal Sun Alliance through the Pre-school Learning Alliance. The certificate is on display on the notice board in our entrance hall.