Hand in hand

I’m sure that many of you are very aware of the fact that in whatever career or aspect of life we undertake, working as a team is essential! By the members of staff working together as one we are able to provide the children with the best possible education. By working as a team, less pressure is placed upon individual members of staff and together the staff can bounce ideas off one another, considering the best solutions for the activity and the children.

It is extremely important to remember that staff are not the only people involved with the child’s education – the parents also play a vital part! I firmly believe and agree with Froebel that…

“Parents are the first educators of the child. ”

…therefore it is crucial to form a partnership with parents, as a way of developing the ‘whole child.’ In order to achieve this particular aim, we must incorporate home liaisons and encouragement into the child’s schooling environment.

The Foundation Stage document, which children up to the end of Reception will be following strongly, agrees that parents should be fully involved in their child’s education.

“When parents and practitioners work together in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on the child’s development and learning.”

Parents can provide important information, which will enable practitioners to reach the child on their own personal level, therefore enabling them to progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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