Our curriculum follows a two year cycle. During this time we have many visitors to the pre-school. These include visits from the fire service, police, post office, local hospital, opticians, beauticians and many more.

As part of our curriculum we extend activities to include the local environment. We hold a yearly Family Day, the first years theme links to travel, we choose Legoland for this venue as it offers a wide range of travel vessels such as boats, balloon rides, helicopter, trains and children get to drive their own car. The second year our theme evolves around animals, this involves a visit to a local farm or similar. All parents are invited to take part in the Family Day if they wish

We use the local transport to visit Camberley Library and often walk to the local library in Bagshot.

Nature walks, visits to local shops and surrounding area are also part of our routines which link to learning throughout the Early Learning Goals.

Visits to local restaurants help children enjoy food served by other cultures.

The Pre-school has a strong commitment to Learning Through Play and this reflects in the day to day activities.

We have good links with Bagshot School and attend special events hosted by them. These include their Family Funday and Christmas Nativity. We support the school and children on the planned tranistion days and attend story session during the summer term for those children starting in the autumn term.

We hold our yearly Sports Day on the school field and the school encourages and supports us with our activities.

Ninety five percent of our intake feeds into Bagshot Pre-school, the other five percent feed into schools in the Camberley, Lightwater, Frimley and Windlesham areas.

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